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Marketing intelligence made easy.

Get all your marketing, sales and CRM data in one place to calculate your true ROMI.
Some of our trusted clients

The ROMI story…

Running a business is hard work. Everyday you need to make tons of important decisions that lead to actions and pushes your business metrics forward. To make the right decisions at the right time you need data, and lots of it. The hard part of the work is usually running around trying to fetch that important data to empower your decision making.

Thats why we built ROMI! We take care of all the painstaking work in gathering all your important business data. And put it in one single platform. Making it accessible across your team.

It could be data from anywhere; offline marketing data like TV. Or print advertising, online data from display, search and social campaigns. We even integrate with you own sales data from your brick and mortar store or from your analytics platform if you are running an e-commerce business.

ROMI alerts you and send notifications when your KPIs are not behaving as they should, or simply when you’ve reached your goal and it’s time for a team-celebration. ROMI looks across all your marketing data to find correlations and patterns you would otherwise potentially miss. ROMI lets you drill, slice and dice your data to discover insights and share them across your organisation with scheduled reports or ad hoc exports.

Don’t work for your data. Make your data work for you!

End-to-end service

Basically, we take care of everything. You provide (access to) the data, then you just sit back and relax.

Custom calculated metrics

Go beyond basic metrics with our advanced calculations engine. Correlations analysis, predictive analysis and algorithmically forecasting is just the beginning.

Connect to any data source

With a bunch prebuilt connectors to the most common sources as well as custom built connectors for client specific needs we can connect to almost any data.

Alerts and notifications

Put the data to work. For you. Automated alerts on KPI behavior and anomaly detection straight to your inbox. All you need to do is act on it!

Real-time interactive dashboards

Drill it, dice it, slice it. Discover whats going on in you data.

Scheduled reports & ad hoc data exports

Export an image of that beautiful chart to use in you presentation or schedule a weekly report to you team to always keep on top of latest progress.

Multi-level user support

Big team? No problem. Multilevel user support ensures every user is looking at the right set of data.


We are able to integrate almost everything. Here are a few of our standard ones..